Hemp, while in use for thousands of years, is becoming more and more well known as of late, and deservingly so.  But what makes this powerful oil so amazing?  Why should anyone begin to seek or incorporate this relatively low key supernutrient into their daily routines?  

There are so many questions that seek to be answered and better understood when it comes to knowing what hemp oil truly offers.  

How Hemp Oil is Made

The hemp plant can grow up to 15 feet in height and can withstand a variety of climates.  As such, it’s an easy plant to grow and harness the goodness from.  Typically, because of the nature of the hemp plant, it does not require pesticides or much fertilization beyond water to grow.  

There are two different forms of hemp oil, coming from the various parts of the plant.  

Hemp Seed Oil: Most uses for hemp oil come in the form of hemp seed oil, which is produced by cold pressing the oil from the seeds of the hemp plant.  This form of hemp oil does not contain any CBD and must have less than 0.3% of THC in it in order to be used for normal public consumption.  You can easily find hemp seed oil used in numerous products as it proves to be a very reliable and sustainable source of omega fatty acids.  

Hemp Oil:  Full-spectrum hemp oil is created from the entirety of the plant.  This form of hemp oil adds additional compounds, such as CBD.  As such, it is used for many pain relief purposes, in particular, any ailment where inflammation is an issue.  The CBD in hemp oil has also been shown to improve the appearance of acne, having to do with the number of fatty acids in conjunction which works at calming inflammation down.  Any full-spectrum hemp oil product will denote its inclusion of CBD.  

extracted juice from green leaves

How Does Hemp Oil Make You Feel?

One huge misconception about hemp seed oil and what it provides is that it gives off a psychoactive effect on its users like marijuana does.  

Yes, the industrial hemp plant is indeed related to the marijuana plant, however, the hemp plant grown for use and consumption in everyday lifestyle products does not contain THC, the mind-altering component that is in other cannabis products.  Unless it is specifically touted or made known that it contains THC, it is safe to assume that the majority of hemp seed oil and its byproducts have less than 0.3 percent (which is not nearly enough to induce even the mildest effect), or none at all incorporated.   

Benefits of Hemp Oil You Can Actually Feel

Moisturizes: As a moisturizing agent, hemp oil does an amazing job of adding needed hydration to the skin, but also works to lock in that moisture by creating a protective barrier.  From the high levels of fatty acids, this makes hemp oil a very useful ingredient in lotions and creams or as a stand-alone oil applied topically.  Providing moisture and preventing dehydration is key in any form of skincare, as it aids in the overall health and vitality of your skin.  Hemp seed oil lotions make your skin feel silky smooth, similar to other moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and coconut.  All of these natural elements are wonderful in providing the best type of moisturizer that your skin can get.

Soothes:  The natural elements that hemp is composed of, mainly omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, are known to help soothe the body.  When used in combination with pain-relieving ingredients like trolamine salicylate, hemp pain relief creams provide the added bonus of hemp oil’s naturally occurring soothing relief to make the pain-relieving effects of that product even better.  Many skin and beauty products seek to mimic the effects of what can be found in nature.  Hemp oil is one such item that contains the very benefits which others seek to imitate, but why choose synthetic when you can have the real deal?  When used in conjunction with nourishing ingredients like pea extract and vitamin B3, hemp seed oil beauty products can rejuvenate irritated skin. The uses for hemp oil to help alleviate and regulate irritation outside and inside your body is widely underappreciated. Your body will thank you!

Supports: When taken orally, hemp seed oil has the ability to help support heart health due to its high concentration of healthy fatty acids known to aid in cell protection and healing.  The high content of soluble and insoluble fiber in hemp seed may also aid in digestion while helping support heart health.  While more research is being conducted in order to have a clearer understanding of the long term effects of hemp oil specifically, what is known is that the compounds it carries bears significance to your heart’s health.

Nutrients in Hemp Oil

What makes hemp oil truly beneficial and unique are the many vitamins and minerals it contains.  These compounds are highly sought after in the beauty and skincare industries, so to be able to find all of them in one product is what truly sets this oil apart from its peers!

Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids:  Hemp itself is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are known as polyunsaturated fats.  These are essential to our overall health as our bodies do not produce these essential fats.  They work at protecting the cells and soothing the body as a whole. 

Vitamin E:  As an antioxidant, Vitamin E plays a vital role in promoting healthy, young-looking skin even as you age. 

Zinc:  A mineral that is only obtainable through diet, zinc is vital to the strengthening of the immune system, growth and development of the body, the body’s natural healing process, and so much more.  Having a source of zinc in your system will aid in your overall physical well being.  

Magnesium: A mineral found in your body, specifically in the bones, it plays an important role in supporting the nervous system, your muscle function, and maintaining your DNA cells, amongst its many other important roles.  The job of magnesium is so vital to your body’s overall performance that it can be found in all cells.  Having enough magnesium can really boost your physical fitness and the way you feel health-wise in general.  

Calcium: Known as a nutrient necessary for the survival of humans, animals, and other living organisms, it is the most widely found mineral in the human body.  Bones are 99% of calcium, which is why having this mineral is so detrimental to your health.  Calcium deficiency can lead to the weakening of bone density, and also affects the way in which our muscles contract.  

Potassium: The third most found mineral in the human body, potassium’s job is to regulate fluid and muscle contractions.  Working as an electrolyte in your system, potassium functions to keep fluids at the right levels to maintain overall balance in your body.  When you are feeling weak, it is a good chance that a lack of potassium could be the culprit.  


In a nutshell, using hemp oil or any of its products should really make you feel pretty good, but it won’t make you feel “high” as some might expect. 

 With the exception of any potential allergies, the side effects of using it are minimal to none.  If you are in unfamiliar territory with hemp oil, it is always advised to seek medical advice should you feel that there may be cause for concern regarding potential reactions. 

On the whole, it’s a generally safe and effective ingredient that has a reputation that is hopefully going to gain traction for its amazing qualities!  Whether it’s a topical application or ingested, the way hemp seed oil works to really provide much-needed nutrients and minerals to your body should affect your health in a positive overall way.  

When you are seeking any form of new wellness aids or holistic approaches to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sticking with ingredients that nature provides is going to prove to have many pleasantly surprising benefits!