When contemplating how to manage your pain, no matter what the issue may be, it is not likely that a hemp pain cream will be the first thing that comes to mind.  There is so much on the market as is, who is to really say what is the most effective?  Where do you even begin to figure out which will be the best one for your needs?  

The first step is to understand what active ingredients are listed in the product, then to the best of your ability, have a clear understanding of what pain-relieving ingredients work the best, and why.  

Let’s go over five reasons why a hemp-based pain-relieving cream can be a great option for temporary relief of those everyday aches and pains. 

1. Hemp is a Natural Resource

For thousands of years, our ancestors have harnessed the power of plants, herbs, oils, and other natural resources to alleviate their pain.  As modern science has evolved, many of the properties that these natural ingredients provide have been mimicked in synthetic or extracted form or studied intensively to confirm their true abilities to heal.  What has been discovered has been known for thousands of years, that as close to nature as can possibly be done is best.  

Whether those natural components are extracted, or manipulated in order to retrieve the most powerful aspect of the plant or flower, the end result is that what nature provides helps the human species to survive, thrive, and heal when necessary.  

When looking at ingredients for products to use, keep in mind to search for the most natural you can find.  What you will know about these products is that they can be used for a myriad of reasons, but ultimately what will fare best most of the time is going to be products harnessing the power of natural ingredients.  

Hemp is no exception to this sentiment.  

Not only is hemp a great herbal remedy for a variety of different issues, but it also is easy to grow and sustainable, with almost every aspect of the plant being utilized from the stem to the flower. The industrial hemp plant is very resilient and easy to grow, and there is not much required to allow the hemp plant to thrive, making it a very easy resource to cultivate.    

2. Hemp Creams Makes for Easy Absorption

What makes hemp pain cream so unique as a pain reliever is its capability in absorbing so well.  While hemp seed oil itself does not have the ability to provide the relief needed for pain relief unless the product contains CBD, it does work its magic in other ways.  

Typically, a topical pain relief cream will have highly active ingredients such as menthol or trolamine salicylate to provide the much needed temporary relief you are seeking.  But, in order for those components to work and work rapidly, there needs to be a manner in which it penetrates through the skin better. Enter hemp seed oil.  This additive is considered to be an occlusive moisturizer where it can not only lock in moisture but also is key to allowing for optimal absorption. 

If you have ever or currently suffer from any sort of muscle or joint pain, then you are well aware of how rapid relief is key to helping navigate this problem!

3. Hemp Creams Are Naturally Soothing

Much of the cause of muscle and joint pain is due to some sort of irritation.  Whether it is the muscle itself or the ligaments and specific parts which make up the joint regions, irritation is likely the culprit as to what is causing the pain to occur.  

Swelling can simply be your body’s response to a foreign object within the body, causing acute, flaring pain to occur. This is usually completely manageable if you have the proper tools such as a great pain relief management cream to help the pain temporarily subside.  

Why a hemp cream is so beneficial for use as pain relief is because the components of hemp seed oil are high in natural soothing properties.   

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids:  These are the crucial minerals that make hemp to be unique compared to other substances.  These naturally found fatty acids can do so much to soothe your irritation, but also can provide antioxidants which aid in repairing and protecting your cells.  These acids are known as the building blocks for healthy cell membranes
  • Gamma Linoleic Acid: What is specifically found in Omega 3 fatty acids, this acid works at fighting off irritation.  Ideal for those looking to support joint and cartilage health, this natural compound works wonders at providing much-needed relief when acute pain flare-ups occur.  
  • Linoleic Acid: The precursor for the Omega 6 fatty acid, this important oil works in conjunction with Omega 3’s to protect and strengthen the skin from environmental damage. These two need to work with each other in order to maximize their abilities to heal and protect the skin.  

4. Hemp is Ultra Moisturizing

Why hemp-based pain relief cream makes such a wonderful product, in general, has to do with its ability to provide a hyper dosage of moisturization.  

In any other setting for skin or beauty remedies, hemp seed oil is well known for its ability to hydrate the skin in the best way possible, with natural fatty acids that work to provide exceptional moisturizing abilities.  When your skin is hydrated and healthy, it will ultimately work better to do what it needs to in order to be the first layer of defense in the body.  

For the purpose of a pain relief cream, being able to lock in moisture also works to lock in the active ingredients that are there to provide the much-needed relief.  Some of these highly potent pain relief active ingredients can unfortunately also cause dryness, so harnessing the power of hemp will work simultaneously to provide both the moisture and relief needed to focus on calming the pain.

one bowl with a cream and the other bowl with green leaf

5. It’s a Holistic Alternative

No matter what’s causing it, your pain can be managed in a variety of different ways, which don’t always translate to taking medication.  What is understood about certain ailments is that there are many ways to find relief, with a topical treatment often being one of them.  

You may not be able to find it completely with one form, but if a pain relief cream does not do the trick, it can often be paired with other forms of holistic care such as compression braces or sleeves to bring circulation and blood flow to the affected area.  

Combining a myriad of treatments can effectively work to bring that relief you seek, as they each can work together in various ways to alleviate mild aches and pains from different angles.  Coupling healthful tools with topical relief and a healthier overall lifestyle can work wonders at giving even temporary relief. 

In Closing

There is much to be done at home to help relieve your pain.  

The main issue to consider would be the long term effects of anything that is orally ingested or synthetically created.  Especially for those who have food and skin sensitivities, to be uncertain about which active ingredients are going to not give you an adverse reaction is an added stress you likely do not want to have to consider while in physical pain. 

The stigma that hemp and its products create side effects such as psychoactive reactions really hinder the general public’s understanding of this effective, powerful, and useful resource.  The truth of the matter is, hemp is not the enemy it was perceived to be in the past–it is in fact a plant which contains many beneficial and useful minerals and vitamins.  These are the very things that are sought after when trying to mimic the effects in medicinal form.  

If you are looking for instant relief, applying anything topically will work fast to temporarily relieve localized pain caused by irritation, swelling, stiffness, and other everyday aches.  Without needing to hit your bloodstream before making its way to locating the point of pain, topical treatments like a great hemp cream for pain relief can work its magic almost instantly. 

Now that the abundance of information has been laid out, it’s clear to see how much benefit there is when harnessing the power of natural ingredients. 

Hemp cream and other hemp-based products are capable of providing so much, whether in tincture form or a nutrient-dense topical treatment–hemp and its many uses and companion ingredients are truly ideal options in being able to temporarily alleviate pain and so much more!