Hemp seed oil may seem like the latest fad in natural beauty care, but it has in fact been in use for thousands of years by our ancestors.  The natural and organic skincare industry has taken a huge rise in more recent years, and rightfully so.  Many of these seemingly newfound compounds such as hemp seed oil have been known staples for quite some time, being harnessed for their abilities to provide the best results for your complexion or body.  

While also a very well known superfood, hemp seeds carry an intense amount of nutritional value when consumed, it is what is most notably known for.  When cold-pressed into an oil format, hemp seed oil still holds the same benefits to be used for the purposes of skin and beauty care.  

Not to be confused with CBD based hemp oils, pure hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis-based products.  Hemp seed oil only is extracted from the seed itself, therefore passing the stems, stalk, and leaves where the majority of the CBD is found.  A clear understanding of the distinction between the two, full-spectrum hemp oil which does contain CBD and or THC and hemp seed oil will ultimately help consumers like yourself see how truly beneficial hemp seed oil can be without the added stigma of being an illegal or mind-altering substance.    


What makes hemp seed oil so amazing when it comes to combating signs of aging have to do with the level of fatty acids, lipids, magnesium, potassium, Vitamins E, B1, and B2.  The combination of these minerals and vitamins are pertinent to the overall health of your cells but individually are known to provide specific benefits to your cells.  

Vitamin E for example is a widely sought-after nutrient for use in skincare.  Aiding in skin health, as a stand-alone vitamin, it can do wonders for your skin’s appearance by reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.  The lipids found in hemp seed oil create a barrier on the skin, protecting it from other harmful components such as environmental stressors and ensuring the fatty acids provide the necessary collagen to keep your skin supple and smooth.  

When hemp seed oil is incorporated into serums or creams which also include acids and retinoids, it can mitigate the irritation they cause.  Whether used on its own or as an additive in other anti-aging products, the benefits of hemp seed oil for the purpose of anti-aging are vast and beginning to be widely utilized.  


The gamma-linolenic acid found in hemp seed oil acts as a powerful calming agent as it works to calm the skin.  Irritation on the skin can unfortunately be a challenge to control without causing further negative stimulation of the dermis.  Thankfully, the high level of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids provide the proper lipids which work at calming issues that arise. Not only does it make a great additive to hemp skin products for this purpose, but as a standalone essential oil can do wonders for damaged or sensitive skin.   

different ways to make hemp leaves useful


The core reasoning behind what makes hemp seed oil so useful is this sheer benefit alone: it provides a boost of ultra hydration.  As mentioned above, hemp seed oil contains highly powerful Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  These unsaturated fats are not ones that the human body produces, therefore are typically provided by the foods that you consume such as fish, nuts, and seeds.  The ideal balance of these two polyunsaturated fats is a 3:1 ratio which works as a team to provide a barrier of protection on the skin that both seals in moisture but keeps irritants out.  

On its own, hemp seed oil is an effective moisturizer, but when coupled with other ingredients for the purpose of skin cream, it also aids in fast absorption to allow the skin to begin the healing process sooner.  What makes it superior to other forms of essential oils is the fact that it is a dry oil that does not leave a greasy residue.  Perfect for use in people who may already have over productive sebum glands or are prone to skin irritations but still need the benefits of hydration.  

You can readily find hemp seed oil in a plethora of lotion-based products which would make an ideal segway into introducing this oil into your normal skincare routine.    

Blemish Clearing

For the same reasons that make this oil ideal for soothing, it likewise can do wonders for those who suffer from blemishes.  While it is indeed an oil the key difference between hemp seed oil and any other healthy types such as coconut oil is that it is a non-comedogenic, which in layman terms means that it does not leave any grease-like residue on the skin that clogs pores. 

It’s a perfect compound for dealing with blemishes, as clogging pores is essentially what causes acne to make an unwanted appearance.  The linoleic acid found in hemp oil, derived from the omega fatty acids, does quite the job of controlling the appearance of oil in the skin as well as calming the irritation that comes with existing blemishes.  

Skin is a finicky organ, in order to keep it clear and blemish-free, it requires a proper balance of moisture in order to keep the pores in proper condition.  As such, hemp seed oil with its ability to be easily absorbed providing needed hydration, but also lacking the pore-clogging greasy film does an amazing job at clearing the skin to make way for fresh new cells to regenerate.


Last but certainly not least, hemp seed oil has a soothing effect on the skin as a whole.  All of the benefits it provides combined creates an ideal environment for the skin to thrive by reducing redness, irritation, providing moisture, locking in said moisture, controlling oil, renewal of the skin’s complexion, and rapid absorption.  Those amazing omega fatty acids play such a critical role in hemp seed oil’s success, they truly are the rock stars that define what makes this essential oil most definitely an essential one for your skin’s health.  

All of those important minerals, vitamins, and nutrients combined in this one oil can be said to provide an ideal environment for your skin to recover, regroup, and regenerate itself in the best way possible.  Especially when dealing with very complex issues such as irritation and blemishes, it can be quite the challenge to find an ingredient that works with your skin to help calm it let alone one that can work to also soothe it.  

The balance of your skin lies in the ingredients you choose to treat it with and hemp seed oil is one of those multifunctional ingredients that can help you overcome any problems in the most natural way possible.  


Growth of the hemp plant is rapid, and requires no little to no pesticides or fertilization, making many hemp seed oil products organic and GMO-free.  An ideal alternative to more traditional ingredients used in skincare which may not be able to tout the same holistic benefits, the hemp seed oil is a sustainable and easily cultivated product.  

The new norm in overall health and wellness, the least amount of harmful additives, the better especially when it comes to skincare.  As the largest organ in your body and the first line of defense to your internal organs, keeping your skin as healthy as possible with as few possible irritants and unnatural ingredients will prove to be a worthwhile investment in your life as a whole.  Hemp seed oil does not have any known significant side effects, making it an effective product to use on your skin without cause for concern.   

Other widely used and well known natural moisture inducing ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter have been center stage for years in the beauty world.  And rightfully so as they do work amazingly well to provide much-needed hydration to the skin when necessary.  

But it is not about moisture alone when it comes to your overall skin’s health.  Many factors will affect the way your skin looks and feels, especially over time, which is why hemp seed oil is an amazing ingredient that naturally addresses those issues by simply being itself.  

If you are looking for more natural beauty products, hemp seed oil is one key ingredient for you to look out for!